MRC brings together expert HR consultants with data scientists and the latest technology

Backed by our in-house Data Scientists, MRC combines 30 years of HR/C&B consulting experience with new breakthroughs in artificial intelligence expertise to provide evidence-based HR solutions.

AI Tools for HR

AI Market Sensor provides instant access to reliable market intelligence globally and insights to support HR decision making and presentations. Chatbot gives you quick update on employment legislations across 139 countries. Employee Risk Predictor tells you who is at risk of leaving or which candidate is a risk to be hired, giving individualized evidence for each case.

HR Events

Short-cut your learning and get a quantum leap! Join our qualified and highly reputable subject matter experts to get solid knowledge, skills and insights.


Bringing you real-time insights & solutions, enabled by Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics & Metrics

MRC Entities-Based Strategy Model
  • Leverage on data-science breakthrough in machine learning and pattern recognition
  • Use objective modelling of multi-dimensional variables of employee and potential candidate profiles to predict their flight risk
  • Accuracy of predictions can be tested and verified
  • Use descriptive analytics to grasp trends
  • Put in place relevant and cost-effective talent management intervention

HR Handbook

MRC Entities-Based Strategy Model
  • Improve your shared services centers’ productivity and create new jobs for HR
  • Create a repository of policies, procedures, or FAQ for your company
  • Allow your employees to find instant answers 24/7
  • Have them access MRC App or common social media platforms!

Organisation Effectiveness Design

MRC Organisation Effectiveness Design
  • Can your organization structure respond to your changing business needs and competitive pressures?
  • Are you satisfied with the cost of your organization structure?
  • How should you structure your organization with more efficiency?
  • What is the cost of not changing?
  • We provide quantitative solutions based on indisputable evidence.

AI Market Sensor

Real time labour regulations, demand and supply trends from job portals, government websites, global news sources, and company annual reports - all in one place

Business Sensor


HR Sensor


Employee Risk Predictor

We use recent breakthrough techniques in machine learning to make our black-box explain itself for every prediction it makes. The machine will tell you why a prediction is made for every individual candidate or existing employee!

Individualized Flight Risk Prediction

MRC Entities-Based Strategy Model

Individualised RISK Explanations

MRC Entities-Based Strategy Model

Predictions Can Be Tested for Accuracy

MRC Entities-Based Strategy Model
MRC Entities-Based Strategy Model


With individualized risk predictions for each employee, we can make better decisions with regards to hiring. A company is convinced that some individuals from the sales department will resign in the following months. The company does not only pre-hire in advance, but can also use our tool to assess the new candidates of their risk by simulating where he/she should work (teams), who he/she reports to (supervisors), and how much he/she should be paid (basic salary).
MRC Entities-Based Strategy Model


Bias and common practice made us believe that we know what are the causes of wrong hires or regrettable departures. We always point to the top cause which is inadequate compensation. By applying machine learning, we uncovered an interesting variable; which is most people who work under a certain profile of supervisor have greatest flight risk.
MRC Entities-Based Strategy Model


Replacing an employee has been estimated to cost a company between 20% to 213% of the employee’s annual salary based on the complexity and level of their job. This includes direct costs such as hiring, onboarding and training costs, as well as indirect costs due to productivity and engagement loss. Proactive retention is therefore a much better alternative to rehiring. We will highlight your high-performing and critical positions staff that have high flight risks so that you can intervene before they exit the company.

HR Symposium

MRC hosts its annual symposium - bringing together senior HR professionals from around the world

HR Symposium 2018 - Shanghai


HR Symposium 2018 - Hong Kong

Hong Kong

HR Symposium 2018 - Singapore


The Contrarian View

We debunk common view and provide alternative perspective

Jul 2017 Edition


Jul 2017 Edition

This article offers an advanced analytics study that MRC has carried out for a manufacturing client, highlights the predictive techniques used, discusses the advent of advanced analytics in Asia, and gives successful examples of organizations embarking on advanced analytics.

Nov 2017 Edition



Nov 2017 Edition

This article clarifies what HR metrics are, how they should be selected and explains why drill-down into details supported by data pattern identification is necessary for HR predictive and prescriptive analytics problem solving to derive value from HR dollar spend.

Feb 2018 Edition

Next Generation Graduates

New War for Prized Catch in the Era of AI

Feb 2018 Edition

This article explores the supply of university graduates and their demand and addresses the issues and solutions to the new war for graduates.

Interested to read the full version?

Giving Up Salary

Giving Up Salary

Starting HRBS and selling it to Mercer
What Readers Say?
All proceeds from sale of "GIVING UP SALARY" will be 100% donated to the Singapore Cancer Society

Wishing to do her part to raise cancer awareness and funds to help patients plagued by cancer, especially the lower income families, a book launch of GIVING UP SALARY was organized on Oct 27, 2017 evening at Singapore Clarke Quay Hotel. Attended by about 100 guests, 98 copies of the book were snapped up just that night! Elaine’s husband also donated an additional S$100,000 to the Singapore Cancer Society in his personal capacity.

On 10 March 2018, Elaine was invited to share her experiences as a cancer caregiver and survivor at the SCS Relay for Life event 2018. This event was opened and graced by Singapore President Halimah Yacob. Over 6,500 participants supported and raised more than $830,000 at this meaningful event.

Photos and videos can be found at our milestones page.

"Life without a heart is empty."  Elaine Ng

Available at Singapore Bookstores

Kinokuniya (all outlets), Times Bookstore (all outlets) and Select Books (main outlet) in Singapore. Other bookstores soon. Do get a copy!

Giving Up Salary has been selected by Singapore National Library to be stocked in 15 of its branches in Singapore.

Giving Up Salary - Available on Kinokuniya, Times, and Select
For Direct Purchase Please fill in the form below:

USD 30 / SGD 42 / HKD 235 / RMB 210

or contact
Giving Up Salary - Starting HRBS and selling it to Mercer

Author: Elaine Ng

This book is not Elaine’s biography. It is about her experience as an entrepreneur, and how she successfully grew her consulting business in the face of huge, established global competitors. Their size dwarfed HR Business Solutions (HRBS), the company that she started in 2001 and eventually sold after nearly one-and-a-half decades. It is also about why she started her second company, Management Resources Consultants (MRC) in 2017.

Elaine is all too familiar with devastations arising from cancer. Cancer has claimed the lives of her father and two uncles. It almost claimed her and her husband’s life too. She battled and recovered from stage 2 breast cancer while her husband recovered from stage 3 sarcoma.

In just five weeks, 278 copies of the book have been sold! This is despite that GIVING UP SALARY has yet to be distributed via book stores and has not received any publicity.


MRC (former HRBS) is proud to have provided quality consulting for over 15 years in 4 offices (Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing)

  • 2001

    HRBS Founded in Hong Kong

    HRBS is founded by Elaine Ng to bring fresh ideas to HR consulting in Asia, dealing with employee compensation, executive pay and mobility policy.

  • December 2002

    Designing Sales Incentives Workshop

    This become the most popular seminars in the years that followed with attendees reaching 30 in a Shanghai session in 2006 and 25 in Singapore’s session in 2009. Participation in Hong Kong ranged from 10 to 20 yearly.

  • Jan 2006

    HRBS Singapore Office Opened
  • Dec 2009

    HRBS Shanghai Office Opened
  • 2014

    VBA for C&B

    Started a 2-day VBA course for C&B professionals who were sophisticated users of Excel applications and wanted to learn macro programming.

  • July 2001

    Executive Pay Survey

    A total of 275 companies participated, comprising 23 in Australia, 43 in China, 49 in Hong Kong, 23 in Japan, 26 in Korea, 22 in Malaysia, 41 in Singapore, 30 in Taiwan and 18 in Thailand.

  • 2003

    Designing Salary & Bonus Workshop

    This program attracted new entrants into the compensation & benefits field would normally enroll into it.

  • March 2006

    Designing Long-term Incentives

    First LTI seminar attracted 18 participants in Beijing, 13 in Shanghai, 13 in Hong Kong and 15 in Singapore.

  • 2011

    Designing Expat Compensation

    The participants averaged about 15 per location.

  • 2015


    With offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing and advising over 500 clients, HRBS is sold the Mercer, Elaine's former employer.

  • 2017


    Elaine reignited the consulting world, starting Management Resources Consultants (MRC), bringing in experts in data analysis, chatbots and machine learning to bring HR to the forefront of technology.

  • 2002

    Executive News newsletter

    12-page newsletter. Some of the topics “Performance Management – Which Way to Go?”, “Job, Competencies or Results – Which Matter?”, “Determining Expat Pay in China”, “Executive Pay in Asia”, “Inequitable Internal Pay System”

  • 2004

    C&B Alert! Service

    Starting out from zero base, this product grew to constitute 3% of our product/service portfolio in 2008 and 5% by 2015.

  • March 2008

    Excel for C&B

    HRBS came up with the idea of conducting Excel for Compensation & Benefits (C&B) specialists.

  • Mar 2012

    HRBS Beijing Office Opened
  • 2016

    Final Total Rewards Conference

    This final conference was attended by 357 paid attendees! The turnout was the largest by far as it was a whopping increase of 45% compared to our 2015 conference.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

About Founder

Elaine Ng - MRC Founder

Elaine Ng

Founder of MRC

Founded HR Business Solutions (HRBS) in 2001 and sold it to Mercer in 2015. Former Managing Director (MERC Asia) and Head of HR Consulting (Greater China) at William M. Mercer Hong Kong. Prior to Mercer, she worked for Swiss-based HR consulting firm, Corporate Resources Group (CRG) as Regional Director-North Asia in Hong Kong. Before Consulting, she was a HR practitioner in the electronics industry and eventually became Head of HR at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) where she transformed the HR function along with the corporatisation of SGH.


Elaine holds a Master of Business Administration from Brunel University, London. She was a trained Company Secretary from the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, London. She became a Certified Compensation Professional of WorldatWork (former American Compensation Association), receiving her certification in the U.S. She also attended the Advanced Management Program at Oxford. She speaks fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese.


Elaine’s passion lies in reward and motivation, organisational improve-ments, and business sustainability. She is reputed for her expertise in executive remuneration, stock and long-term incentive design, sales commission and bonus, job grading and salary structures, and expatriate and local-plus pay management. She has taught these courses in annual public seminars and in-house workshops to more than 7,500 attendees over 25 years of consulting across cities in Asia.


Wide array of expertise to deliver exceptional results

Henry Liew - Partner & Head of MRC Singapore

Henry Liew

Partner & Head of
MRC Singapore
  • Organisation Strategy & Performance

Henry joined Elaine in 2010 at HRBS for 5.5 years, after a stint in information processing. He partnered with Elaine to bring big data insights to consulting, empowered by AI. He holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge (UK), a Master of Engineering from MIT (USA), a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Engineering from NUS (SG).

Tan Yin Loo - Principal & Head of IT

Tan Yin Loo

Principal & Head of
  • Information Technology & Big Data

Yin Loo worked in Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) for 9 years. He architected software systems for MINDEF. He holds a Master of Software Engineering from NUS (SG), and a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from NTU (SG). He and Chia Hui were placed in top 10 for Hackathon@SG 2015.

Jerry Chan Chia Hui - Senior Associate, Advanced Analytics

Jerry Chan Chia Hui

Senior Associate, Advanced Analytics
  • Chatbot & Machine Learning

Before joining MRC, Chia Hui has 10 years of experience in ST Electronics as info-software systems engineer. He holds a Master of Knowledge Engineering and a Bachelor of Computing from NUS (SG). He was the top student for his Masters cohort and earned the ISS Prize for Best Project. He and Yin Loo were placed in the top 10 for Hackathon@SG 2015.

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